Phlebotomy Clinic

Please be advised that the Phlebotomy Clinic is now at Landseer Road Surgery, 476-478. Landseer Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP3 9LU. 

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Phlebotomy ClinicMonday 29 Jul 2019  

Please be advised that the Phlebotomy Clinic is now at Landseer Road Surgery, 476-478. Landseer Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP3 9LU. 
Saturday 19 Oct 2019  15:50
RT @physiojim: Great 2 day conference. Truly Inspiring and producing momentum for change. #TheBigRs @KMiddletonCSP @AHPSuffolk
Saturday 19 Oct 2019  14:54
RT @TPMPodcast: ANNOUNCEMENT! @JackAChew closing remarks at 16:30 will be open accessed streamed to the TPMP Facebook page so make sure yo…
Saturday 19 Oct 2019  13:50
#influencingmedia practice in PM breakaway groups. Constructing responses to scenarios remembering ‘what makes a st…
Saturday 19 Oct 2019  9:25
RT @TPMPodcast: Remember to follow #TheBigRs again today. We have incredible planned sessions with @Mercephysio @NeilOConnell , 2 Manifesto…
Saturday 19 Oct 2019  8:21
Asking your patients what’s your worst fears with your symptoms/this condition? Gives you as the clinician the abil…
Friday 18 Oct 2019  19:49
Day 1 done, time to dance!! #thebigrs
Friday 18 Oct 2019  15:32
What constitutes a ‘good’ educator? Engagement in critical discussions despite biases and encouraging questions fro…
Friday 18 Oct 2019  14:27
RT @MRWPhysio: Pacing needs to be flexible and values based Is it worth causing increase in pain sometimes? Giving yourself permission to…
Friday 18 Oct 2019  12:56
RT @PhysioMMD: #BigRs #MSKR Today’s role, Physio / cameraman - expand your skills 😂😂
Friday 18 Oct 2019  12:51
Organising ourselves with quick responses to fake news is the direction we’re moving in, targeting @Ofcom & adverti…
Friday 18 Oct 2019  11:24
RT @ThePOGP: Great discussion today Sue Almond, Physiotherapist raising awareness of the need for early diagnosis and management which Phys…
Friday 18 Oct 2019  11:02
RT @TPMPodcast: I could listen to @Seth0Neill talk all day. We will make the videos available of all the conference for you to watch if you…
Friday 18 Oct 2019  9:59
And today just so happens to be exactly 4 weeks to ‘Unravelling the web of MSK care’, our first symposium in Ipswic…
Friday 18 Oct 2019  9:59
What better way to celebrate my 6 year work anniversary with #AHPSuffolk than attending a conference?! Lots learnt…
Friday 18 Oct 2019  9:27
Asking the big questions re.tendon research, are we asking the wrong questions in studies?! #TheBigRs #mskr…
Friday 18 Oct 2019  8:59
Public health campaigns have huge potential to shift expectation at the patient level. ?level of funding and input…
Friday 18 Oct 2019  8:29
Discussing importance of staff access to 5% reading time at work ie. 1 day a month 1.0FTE. Need to look at quality…
Friday 18 Oct 2019  7:35
Day 1 of #TheBigRs @MSKReform conference in Manchester. Ready and to go and looking forward to the next 2 days 😁…
Thursday 17 Oct 2019  18:58
Arrived and raring to go!! But first.....dinner!
Thursday 17 Oct 2019  14:32
And we’re on our way!!! @physiojim at the wheel 👨‍✈️ #roadtrip #haribosnacks
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