Exercise classes

The pages listed below will have information for patients who are unable to attend their exercise classes. This will include information, presentations and short videos on how to complete exercises that are part of the classes. 

The exercises included in these pages should be completed following assessment by a qualified clinician. Exercise should be undertaken only by those who are physically fit enough to complete them and should be stopped if they exacerbate symptoms or cause you to feel unwell. 

By reading this I understand that the information and resources within this website are for the purposes of supporting patients who have had contact with a qualified medical professional. We do not recommend that anyone undertakes a new physically demanding routine without consultation from a qualified individual or organisation. Exercising comes with an element of risk due to the increased demands on the body. This can result in more pain and discomfort such as sore and aching muscles. Heart rate and blood pressure can also increase as well as the demands and effectiveness of medications. This is generally a positive part of exercise and if performed correctly can lead to many benefits. If you have any concerns about your suitability to perform exercise and the content within this website, you should seek qualified medical advice before commencing.

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