Lower Limb Strengthening Class

In this series of sessions, we will show you how to use exercise to strengthen your lower limbs, reduce levels of pain and decrease the chances of pain in the future. Each session includes guidance on how to exercise effectively and plan and pace your sessions.

We will look at how bodyweight exercise, using common items in the home can be an effective tool for strength. How best to organise the exercise and how often to do it. We will also show you how to progress onto more complex exercises and when /how to introduce equipment.

This is all based around finding what level you are at and comfortable to work from. Using the information in these sessions, you will be able to gradually build up your conditioning and strength levels, leading to less chance of future pain and a reduction in what you feel now.

Box Squats

Farmer Carry

High Step-up

Calf Raises


Single Leg Extension


Romanian Dead Lifts

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