Osteoarthritis Classes

This series of classes aims to provide some of the tools you can use to manage your Osteoarthritis. Each session covers a different topic area to provide you with information on what Osteoarthritis is and what you can do to make it less of an impact on your quality of life.

Osteoarthritis can not be currently “fixed” or “cured” so we need to look at how pain can be reduced and function maintained or improved. Following the exercises, advice and guidance in these sessions will help you to achieve this.

We understand that everyone is different and learns and progresses at their own pace. All the information below can be worked through in your own time. We suggest that you start by making small manageable changes beginning with what you feel will be easiest to do. Small wins early on will help you to see results, progress and makes those more difficult changes seem more attainable.

Osteoarthritis Facts PowerPoint

Osteoarthritis Lifestyle PowerPoint

Osteoarthritis Managing Your Pain

Calf Raises

Glute Bridges

Hip Abductions

Single Leg Balance

Single Leg Extension

Sit To Stand

Step Ups

Wall Squats

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