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Keep Up to Date - 03 October 2017

Keep up to date with the latest Health and Wellbeing and clinical weekly by going to our news page


April Health and Wellbeing Newsletter - 10 April 2017

Find our latest edition of the Health and Wellbeing Newsletter available at: https://www.ahpsuffolk.co.uk/Portals/1/Documents/Wellbeing%20Newsletter/April%2017%20WB.pdf

Filled with new recipes, the next stage to our triathlon training, learn about the muscle of the month and discover more about health conditions inside.. 


Social Media - 10 April 2017

We have some NEW social media accounts:

Twitter Clinical @AHPSuffolk

Twitter Health @AHPWellbeing

Facebook @AHPSuffolk

Instagram @ahpsuffolk_

YouTube @AHPSuffolk

Please like, subscribe and follow for regular content and updates 


New YouTube Videos - 13 March 2017

We now have a new YouTube channel for all AHP content, this includes rehabilitation programmes and joint specific exercises. As part of the Health and Wellbeing Newsletter we are also producing monthly exercises and training programmes for local events. Find us on YouTube at: AHP Suffolk or follow the link. read more ...

Follow Us on Twitter - 13 March 2017

Follow us on Twitter for Regular updates at: 
@AHPSuffolk and 
Go to our Home Page, under 'Contact Us' for more information and links to our other social media accounts. read more ...
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