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by francesca.wythe on 11 November 2018 19:56

Becoming a Boxer: Part One

by francesca.wythe on 15 October 2018 10:41
Each year, several local residents take part in a charity boxing event at Unit 17, in Ipswich.


Katie Vass, a member of AHP’s  administrative team has been attending my private boxing sessions for the last  18-months with her friends, one of whom entered and won her first fight last year. This year Katie has bravely decided to step foot in the ring for the first time.


For the next 3 editions of the Health & Wellbeing Newsletter, I will be designing Katie’s training to prepare her  for Decembers fight.


We will also check in with Katie each month, to see how her training is progressing. This month, we have just two questions for Katie:


1. Why?

I have enjoyed attending my local Boxercise class for about 2 years and wanted something that would take this to the next level. I wanted to do the boxing match because it’s something to work towards and sets me a goal. Having an actual date to train for helps me with...
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