Cow Face Pose

1. Sit on the floor with back straight and knees straight, feet together.

2. Bend knees and put feet on floor, slide left foot under right knee to outside of right hip.

3. Cross right leg over left

4. Stack right knee on top of left.

5. Bring right foot to outside of left hip

6. Bring heels same distance from hips with right leg on top, pull right heel in closer to left hip and sit evenly on sitting bones.

7. Inhale and stretch right arm out to right side with elbow straight, rotate arm inwardly, thumb will turn toward the floor and palm toward ceiling.

8. Exhale, bring arm behind body and place forearm in the curve on lower back, the right elbow should be against the right side of the torso.

9. Roll shoulder back and down , then bring forearm up back until it is parallel to the spine, the back of the hand should be between the shoulder blades.

10. Inhale and stretch left arm forward, point toward opposite wall and face palm up, inhale and stretch arm straight up to ceiling with the palm turned back. Lift actively through left arm, then exhale and bend the elbow and reach down for the right hand.


Benefits: great stretch for upper body, back and lower body.


Contraindications: Neck/ shoulder pathology



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