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AHP Health and Wellbeing


A monthly newsletter aimed at improving health and wellbeing for all readers. 

Each month includes new recipes, exercises, deskercises, training programmes, charity events and a yoga pose of the month plus much more!

If you have any queries regarding the newsletter please email innovation​@ahpsuffolk-cic​.nhs​.uk


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Wellbeing Newsletters 2017

Volume 3, Issue 6Francesca Wythe3.21 MBDownload
Volume 3, Issue 5Francesca Wythe3.59 MBDownload
Volume 3, Issue 4Francesca Wythe4.18 MBDownload
Volume 3, Issue 3Francesca Wythe3.59 MBDownload
Volume 3, Issue 2Francesca Wythe3.58 MBDownload
Volume 3, Issue 1Francesca Wythe3.83 MBDownload

Previous Editions

Previous editions are available for staff via the AHP staff intranet. 

If you are an external reader and wish to read archived editions please contact us via innovation@ahpsuffolk-cic.nhs.uk

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