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New Wellbeing Walks InformationMonday 22 Jan 2018  

Find information about our Wellbeing Walks and which clinics these currently run from under the news tab! 
Thursday 17 Jan 2019  6:03
Try out our #YogaPoseOfTheMonth here: #yoga
Thursday 17 Jan 2019  6:00
Try out our #YogaPoseOfTheMonth here: #yoga
Tuesday 15 Jan 2019  12:33
AHPS Clinical Newsletter - jan 2019 -
Monday 14 Jan 2019  8:00
For those living with mental health conditions, January can be a time of hopelessness, increased anxiety and depres…
Monday 14 Jan 2019  8:00
For those living with mental health conditions, January can be a time of hopelessness, increased anxiety and depres……
Thursday 10 Jan 2019  7:00
The challenge of Dry January has many benefits, not only for your health but also financially. Even reducing alcoho…
Tuesday 8 Jan 2019  8:00
For tips on setting and achieving your New Year's resolutions, follow the link: #NewYear
Monday 7 Jan 2019  12:00
RED January is here! @SuffolkMind Mind is proud to be continuing their exclusive partnership with RED January, a co…
Sunday 6 Jan 2019  22:12
RT @tomgoom: Thank you Frankie and the team at @AHPSuffolk for being brilliant hosts for #RunningRepairs this weekend. Thanks too for all t…
Sunday 6 Jan 2019  16:26
MTSS gait re-education: -improve stride width and prevent medial collapse -increased step rate -run with softer a…
Sunday 6 Jan 2019  16:25
MTSS gait: -narrower step width increases tibial loading -narrow gait also increases hip adduction and rear foot e…
Sunday 6 Jan 2019  16:19
MTSS risk factors in Runner’s: -female gender -previous history of MTSS -fewer years running experience -orthotic…
Sunday 6 Jan 2019  16:16
Bone load capacity influenced by: -genetics, bone mass and structure -diet and nutrition -endocrine status and ho…
Sunday 6 Jan 2019  16:14
Consider magnitude, rate, frequency, duration and direction of load- bending moment is thought to be key #RunningRepairs
Sunday 6 Jan 2019  16:13
Symptoms as bone stress progresses #RunningRepairs
Sunday 6 Jan 2019  16:12
Bone stress injury develops when load applied exceeds the bones ability to manage this load and is unable to suffic…
Sunday 6 Jan 2019  13:44
PFJ Load: closed kinetic chain better tolerated 0-45 degrees knee flexion but open kinetic chain better tolerated 9…
Sunday 6 Jan 2019  13:40
Patellofemoral pain in running Rx: modifying training volume, intensity, reducing speed and hill work can be useful…
Sunday 6 Jan 2019  12:03
Tendon load capacity can be affected by: - age -BMI, cholesterol and hypertension - hormonal change - drug histo…
Sunday 6 Jan 2019  11:56
Reducing tendon pain: we can use isometrics in mid range 5x45 second holds at 70% MVIC #RunningRepairs
Sunday 6 Jan 2019  11:53
Looking at sites of compression and how we can modify these #RunningRepairs
Sunday 6 Jan 2019  11:51
In tendinopathy management is different depending on whether insertional or mid portion. Tendon compression normall…
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