Back and Neck Service

The Back and Neck Service (BaNs) is a specialised unit provided to people with persistent back and neck pain and who are registered with a Suffolk GP. 

If you have been contacted by the Back and Neck service you will usually be seen by one of the musculoskeletal physiotherapists in a clinic. Your physiotherapist will have discussed referring you to the Back and Neck Service for some further advice.

The service includes a weekly extended scope physiotherapist-led multi-disciplinary case note review of specific patients as appropriate with consultant/specialist pain and spinal surgeon input, leading to a decision on future treatment.

The service aims to ensure that patients are seen quickly, receive treatment faster, where clinically appropriate, have good access to consultant-led care and therefore benefit from speedier recovery.

The Team

The team is made up of Extended Scope Physiotherapists, Spinal Surgeons and a Pain Management Team.

Extended Scope Physiotherapists

Led by Gary Rogerson, the physiotherapists are:

• Simon Fabb 
• Luke Hills
• Feroz Mohamed
• Andrew Proffitt
• Andrew Lincoln

Spinal Surgeons

Led by Mr David Cumming, the surgeons are:

• Mr Rob Lovell 
• Mr Saaj Kaleel 
• Mr Alistair Hudd 
• Mr Shaishav Bhagat 

Pain Management Team

• Dr Arum Natarajan
• Dr Amgad Ragheb
• Dr Kaiser Rahman
• Dr Mike Bailey
• Dr Louise Jeynes
• Dr Marcia Schofield


Types of Treatment

Patients will have been seen by one of the musculoskeletal physiotherapists in a clinic before being referred to the Back and Neck team.

The extended scope physiotherapist in the Back and Neck Team will assess the patient's needs and may order further investigations. They will discuss the need for these investigations with the patient along with the possible referral to secondary care following the multidisciplinary team meeting (MDT).

Following the MDT the extended scope physiotherapist will follow up with the patient, either by telephone or during a face to face clinical appointment, to discuss the next steps. If patients require secondary care they will be referred directly. If there is no requirement for secondary care the patient will be given the appropriate level of support to manage the condition, a plan will be drawn up with the patient and this could include tests, life-style advice or specific exercises.

Scans and Tests

Once you have seen one of the extended scope physiotherapists in the Back and Neck team you may be asked to go for some tests.

These could include x-rays, MRI scans or blood tests. The physiotherapist will talk to you about the reason for these tests and any action that would be taken following them.

Secondary Care Referral

If the extended scope physiotherapist feels you need to be referred to secondary care at one of the hospitals in the area the physiotherapist will discuss this with you. They will discuss specific cases in the weekly team meeting along with the spinal surgeons from the hospitals and the pain specialist doctors. Any tests performed will be discussed and scans will be reviewed.

The team will propose a plan for ongoing management of the condition and the physiotherapist will contact the patient following the meeting either by phone, letter or during an appointment to discuss the next steps for management and recovery.

Referral to Spinal Consultant

If patients need to be seen by one of the spinal specialist consultants at a local hospital, the physiotherapist will make this referral directly at the MDT. Patients do not need to go back to their GP for further referrals.

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