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Join our forward thinking company, providing specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy to NHS patients throughout East Anglia. 

We are a social enterprise which means all of our profits/surpluses are used to improve the lives of the health of the people of Suffolk, acting as a guarantee that Allied Health Professionals Suffolk is trading for people and planet. 

Working with Allied Health Professionals Suffolk means that more people get the help they need and quick, skilled therapy locally to their homes and employment. For more information about social enterprises visit the website


We run a series of operational workstreams, involving our staff at all levels in an open feed forward system. We invest in our staff in terms of training, a development programme and our board regularly visit all staff in roadshow style engagement days to ensure all of our staff members get the chance to engage and discuss areas which matter to them. 

We have won awards for the development of our self-referral portal and for Health and Wellbeing, see more on our awards page: here

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