Training Opportunities

At AHP Suffolk, we truly believe in ‘growing our own’ and actively invest in training and developing our staff to the highest level, and promoting from within.  


  • On a daily basis, we ring fence an hour a day for non-patient facing development time. We call it problem solving time, but that may consist of problem patient discussions with peers, journal reviews, listening to podcasts, practising manual techniques. It’s time set aside to help develop yourself!


  • We run a comprehensive in service training programme across sites in Suffolk, hosting external speakers, inviting staff to feedback on recent courses they have attended for asking you to present to your peers on topics of interest.


  • We also run a Band 5 specific In service training programme, in which senior staff, Extended Scope Practitioners and clinical specialists teach both theory and practical skills to complement the Band 5 competency programme that we enrol all band 5's on to.


  • On a monthly basis, the staff produce a clinical newsletter, which summarises interesting activities in the field of MSK physio, reviewing courses, articles and news.


  • We are also signed up to the ‘Physio Network’ article reviews which are released monthly and are free for all staff to view.


  • We also host several weekend courses throughout the year, attracting some of the most prominent speakers and researches across the country. In the past we have had the likes of Greg Lehman, Tom Goom, Anju Jaggi, Val Jones, Adam Meakins, Seth O’Neal to name a few. These courses are significantly subsidised by AHP Suffolk.


  • And finally we also provide support financially and in time for those wishing to further their academic knowledge with Masters level courses at universities, with over 10% of our staff currently working towards a masters qualification.



A career with AHP Suffolk means an opportunity to develop and better yourself.

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