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BHF: MyMarathon

by Frankie Wythe on 01 May 2018 11:27

This May, we want you to cover 26.2 miles in a way that challenges you.


You can choose to clock up the miles over a few days, a couple of weeks or spread them throughout the whole month. Whether you do it at the park, in the gym or on the pavements, walk it with a  group of friends, run with your canine companion, or sprint it alone, you decide the pace and you decide the place.

Reasons to Run– From the British Heart Foundation (BHF)

1. It’s great for your heart

Well, we are the BHF we were always going to start here. The heart is a muscle. And like any muscle if you work it hard you make it stronger, better at its job and more efficient.                        

Running does just that. Your arteries also feel the benefit, keeping fit helps stop them furring up, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. 

2. It’s also great for your lungs- 

Just like your ticker, the lungs love a bit of hard work every now and then. It makes them stronger  and increases their capacity -  so you'll soon find yourself gasping less when you dash for the bus 

3. It makes you happy- 

Nope, we're not only talking about the moment when it's all over! Exercise releases chemicals  called endorphins. These help to reduce pain and trigger a positive feeling in the body. Researchers from Sweden even suggest that exercise lowers levels of kynurenine (endorphins' evil twin), which builds up during times of stress and may be linked to depression. 

4. It keeps you trim-                                                                                                                                                       Running is a great way to burn off calories, and using up more calories than you take in helps you lose  weight, or maintain a healthy one. And a healthy weight is incredibly important for your all-round health, especially for reducing the strain on your heart. 

5. It improves self esteem- 

So running can make your brain happier and make you look and feel healthier? Sounds like the  perfect recipe for feeling good about yourself. Good self esteem is so important; just a little bit of confidence can go a long way to making life better. 

Sign up to take part here:

What does your money do?

Last year, over 10,000 people registered for  MyMarathon and raised over £450,000, and this year we're hoping to beat that! If we raised £500,000 this year.

Or if even more of you signed up and we raised 1 million pounds, we could help to fund a five year research project into heart attacks including salaries, equipment, and lab          materials needed for the project.


Frankie Wythe

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