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The Great East Swim 2018 (Part One)

by Frankie Wythe on 01 May 2018 11:44

Will Edwards

Follow my 3-part training plan  to get ready for the Great East Swim 2018. 

Each month I will include a new training schedule for the following four weeks for both in and out of the pool.

In addition to this, I will include my own personal  training journal of sorts so that you can follow my journey from somebody who didn’t learn to swim until  two years ago due to a fear of water (which is still very present in open water) to being able to call himself a swimmer. 

Why the Great East Swim?

 Even though I regularly train and coach, I haven’t taken part in a big event since my first daughter was born in late 2015. I decided that in 2018 I was going to do something that would really challenge me (and shift that ‘Dad-bod’ I’d perfected) both physically and mentally. 

Growing up, I never learned to swim because I was terrified of water. In 2016 I finally started to learn how  to swim, but didn't really commit to it; however, in September 2017 I decided to try and swim    regularly 1-3x per week. Then my second daughter arrived and my swimming dropped off again. Two weeks after she was born, I entered to do the half-mile swim. 

March Training Journal: 

Total Swims:  5 Total Distance Covered: 4,000m 
Strength Workouts: 1 Cardio Workouts: 2 Spin classes 

Excuses:  My youngest daughter arriving and my subsequent 4-weeks off work really knocked my    training routine. My usual 21:00 swim sessions dwindled, and my motivation to train vanished. 

Next months target: 3 swims per week, 30-minutes gentle cardio each day, 3 body-weight workouts per week, 3+ shoulder mobility drills per week. 

April goal: 12km total distance  

My weekly plan:





(AM) Swim #1  (PM) Spin  S&C class teaching 


Theraband shoulder work


(PM) Swim #2 


(AM/PM) Theraband shoulder work  &  (PM) Workout #1


(AM) Swim #3


(AM/PM) Theraband shoulder work  & (PM) Workout #1



Swim #1: Distance

Warm-up: 100m gentle pace

Swim: As far as able in available time

Cool-down: 100m gentle pace.

Keep a record of the distance of your swims


Swim #2: Speed with or without aids:

Warm-up: 100m gentle pace

Swim: 600m as fast as comfortable

Cool-down: 100m gentle pace

Distance: 800m


Swim #3: Simple Drills

Warm-up: 100m gentle pace

Drill: 200m front crawl

50m kick-board (legs only)

100m pull-buoy (arms only)

(Repeat at least twice)

Cool-down: 100m gentle pace.

Total Distance: 900m+



Workout #1:

Warm-up: Repeat the following for 15-seconds at a time:

Jog OTS, Squats, Jog OTS, High Knees, Heel Kicks, Jog OTS, Lunges w/ Arm raises, Jog OTS, Squats, Jog OTS, High Knees, Heel Kicks, Jog OTS, Lunges w/ Arm raises. 






As many as possible in 60 seconds

Complete exercises in a circuit format, repeating 3x or more.


As many as possible in 60 seconds

Prone Swimmer

As many as possible in 60 seconds


As many as possible in 60 seconds


Hold for 60 seconds

Cool-down: Whole body stretches, holding for 30-60 seconds each


Theraband Shoulder Work:




Single Arm Swings

5-10 repetitions in a circuit, daily.


*Using a broom stick or short band.

Shoulder Flexion*

Shoulder Extension*

Scapula Elevations

Straight Arm Pull-Downs

10-15 repetitions – slow & controlled – of each            exercise, in a circuit. Complete 1-3 laps.


3x per week

Straight Arm Pull-Ups

Chest Flies

Reverse Flies

Side Raises


BO Single Arm Pull-through

Shoulder Dump

Internal Rotations

External Rotations

NOTE: This plan is my personal plan that fits in with my work patterns and family commitments. Feel free to tweak and change the structure but be sure to allow your body to recover between sessions—as you can see,  I always leave at least one day between anything similar.


*Find training videos on our YouTube channel at: AHP Suffolk 

Frankie Wythe

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