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Red Cross Week

by Frankie Wythe on 01 May 2018 12:10

6th-12th May

During Red Cross Week, people across the UK come together to help raise money for people in crisis. 

Kindness comes in many forms and there’s something all of us can do to help. You could be there for someone who feels alone, or learn first aid and potentially save a life. Volunteer to help the community or simply share the spare change in your pocket. 

Donate: Give what you can

Volunteer: Find a role to suit you

Help someone get support: See services

Kindness Calendar – one week, one kind act every day

This is a fun way to get involved. Download the calendar and you can choose from a list of kind actions for each day of Red Cross Week (or add your own unique ones!).
It could be sending a card to someone to say thanks for helping you out, letting someone go ahead of you in a queue or signing up to do a collection or holding a cake sale.
You can use this idea as a family, a team, or individually. Why not double your kindness and get sponsored to do this too?

The key aspect of this activity is sharing what you are doing everyday on social media and internally. How about doing a video diary and sharing the impact of yours or other people’s kindness?

Remember to share your daily acts of   kindness using the #PowerOfKindness and @redcrossweek.

Frankie Wythe

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