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The Mead Plant and Grab Cup

by Frankie Wythe on 08 May 2018 08:52

On the 26th April, a team from AHP Suffolk took part in the ‘Mead Plant and Grab’ Cup. A corporate 6-a-side football tournament that is held at the Cambridge United football stadium on a yearly basis.

Rob Walker took on the role of captain with a team including Kevin Firman, Steven Fabb, Bradie Clarke, Sam Kent, Dan Pickering and Rob Canfer representing AHP Suffolk.

The evening started with a group stage, where we won 2 games and drew 1, therefore winning our group.

We progressed to the quarter final and drew that 1-1 and won on penalties.

The semi final we drew 0-0 and again won on penalties.

We progressed to the final and drew that one 0-0 as well. Sadly, we lost on penalties but the team played extremely well.

We will hopefully be playing again next year and hope to take home the trophy in 2019!

Frankie Wythe

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