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The Great East Swim

by Frankie Wythe on 04 June 2018 13:51

Follow my 3-part training plan to get ready for the Great East Swim 2018.

Each month I will include a new training schedule for the following four weeks for both in and out of the pool.

In addition to this, I will include my own personal training journal of sorts so that you can follow my journey from somebody who didn’t learn to swim until two years ago due to a fear of water (which is still very present in open water) to an accomplished open water swimmer.

What’s happened this month? Unfortunately, I lost out on 2-weeks pool training this month, due to a combination of delayed tattoo healing and a bout of illness that struck my whole          household once it had finally healed.



April/May Training Journal:

Total Swims: 12

Total Distance Covered: 13,000m


Strength Workouts: 4                                                            

Cardio Workouts: 5 Spin classes, 8x runs



Next months target: Final preparations for the Great East Swim.




Reps x  Sets

Bench Press

8-12 x 2-3


8-12 x 2-3

Straight-Arm Pull-downs

8-12 x 2-3

Tricep Dips

10-15 x 2-3

Swiss Ball Jack Knife

10-15 x 2-3

Swiss Ball Pikes

10-15 x 2-3

Dead-bug w/ Ball

20 x 2-3

Rotating Planks

20  x 2-3







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