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by Frankie Wythe on 04 June 2018 14:14

Rotator Cuff

Our Rotator Cuff is formed by  a group of four muscles & tendons which provide strength and stability to the shoulder during movement.


The muscles are:

· Supraspinatus

· Infraspinatus

· Teres Minor

· Subscapularis


These originate from the Scapular and attach onto head of Humerus forming a cuff at the Glenohumeral joint (the ball and socket joint).

Exercise of the Month: External Rotations




1) Start seated on gym ball with a manageable weighted dumbbell in your hand.

2) Bring arm up level with shoulder and bend elbow to 90 degrees.

3) Rotating from shoulder allow forearm to move up and down.



Move onto increased weighted dumbbell 



Frankie Wythe

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