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Marichi’s Pose

by Frankie Wythe on 04 June 2018 14:22

1. In sitting, bend your right knee and put the foot on the floor with the heel close to the sitting bone. Keep the other leg slightly rotated inwards.                                        

2. With an exhalation, rotate your torso and wrap your opposite arm around the thigh. Hold the outer thigh with your hand and pull the thigh up as you release the hip toward the floor. Press your fingertips into the floor just behind your pelvis to lift your torso slightly up and forwards.

3. Lengthen the spine with each inhalation, hug the thigh to your belly.  Gently turn your head as you do so.

4. Stay in the post for 30-60 seconds. Then release with an exhalation, reverse the legs and repeat to the opposite side.

Frankie Wythe

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