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AHP Suffolk Physiotherapist Takes on Top Swimmers at World Event

by Frankie Wythe on 11 September 2017 14:03

One of our fantastic physiotherapists has been taking on some of the world’s best swimmers at a top international sporting event.

Hanna Dabbour, is a senior physiotherapist at our clinic in Eye and has just returned from the Fina World Masters Swimming Championships which were held in Budapest.

She was one of 15,000 swimmers from across the world who took part in the renowned event, competing in the 50m and 100m butterfly and freestyle races.

Hanna said: “The Masters competition was set up for people who didn’t quite make it to Elite level. It’s tough and you have to reach a certain time to qualify for the competition in the first place.

“It’s such a great atmosphere and you get people of all ages taking part, there are some people who are 95 and still doing it.

“Everyone is really friendly and you get to see some fantastic swimming events, everything from diving to water polo and synchronised swimming.”

As well as taking part in the events, she has also given herself the extra challenge of swapping swim hats with people as far away across the world as possible. She currently has hats from South Korea, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil.

Hanna swims competitively with Norwich-based masters swimming club, East Anglian Swallow Tails and was one of eight other swimmers from the club to take part in the event. This is the second time she has qualified for the event, the first time as in 2015 in Russia.

To keep in competitive shape, Hanna trains for about six hours a week in the pool, combined with four hours gym work each week.

She said: “Swimming is great because it’s a low impact sport and you don’t have a lot of pressure going through your joints and also keeps a lot of upper body flexibility.

“It’s also amazing cardiovascular work as the pressure of the water means that your heart beats slower and your lungs can’t expand as much, so it’s harder work.”

Frankie Wythe

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