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Muscle and Exercise Of The Month

by Frankie Wythe on 03 October 2017 09:57

Muscle of the Month- Piriformis 

Origin: Anterior surface of the lateral sacrum


Insertion: Greater Trochanter of femur, along the upper medial surface


Artery: Inferior gluteal, lateral sacral and superior gluteal


Nerve:  Branch of the sacral plexus (S1,S2)

Actions : Laterally rotates the  hip and abducts the thigh during hip flexion

Exercise of the Month- Superman Toe Touch

1. Begin by standing on one leg

2. Slowly take the other leg backwards, behind you whilst keeping your back straight. Try to reach parallel to the floor

3. At the same time, take the opposite hand and try to reach towards the floor

4. Hold for 3 seconds

5. Then slowly return to the start position and repeat on each leg


Frankie Wythe

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