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Women's Health Physiotherapy

The physiotherapist will complete a detailed assessment, following which they will work with you with the aim of resolving or reducing your symptoms. This may include:

  • Advice on an individualised pelvic floor muscle exercise programme
  • Advice on fluid intake (following completion/analysis of a bladder diary)
  • Education on daily activities, general exercise, diet, weight loss and smoking cessation
  • Referral to the community continence services, for further tests or assessment of containment products, if required

If conservative management fails the physiotherapist may discuss referral to the urological/gynaecological consultant.

Useful Documents

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Rectus DiastasisJoshua Dye 29/04/20221.12 MBDownload
Prolapse leafletJoshua Dye 29/04/2022244.58 KBDownload
Urinary Incontinence leafletJoshua Dye 29/04/2022242.26 KBDownload
Tears during childbirthJoshua Dye 29/04/2022250.89 KBDownload
Pelvic Floor Muscle OveractivityJoshua Dye 29/04/2022192.90 KBDownload
Bowel FunctionJoshua Dye 29/04/2022241.01 KBDownload
Post-partum advice and exerciseJoshua Dye 29/04/2022967.44 KBDownload
Pelvic Pain in PregnancyJoshua Dye 29/04/2022872.14 KBDownload
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