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Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

Making Diagnosis and Treatment easier 

Welcome to the AHP Suffolk Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy web page. This site is set up so you can access physiotherapy services online.

If you self-refer you will be asked a series of questions to tell us about your problem. This information will then be triaged by our senior physiotherapists and you will be contacted via email within 3 working days with further information or an appointment.

How To Complete Your Self Referral

No Internet Access?

Patients who do not have internet access may telephone 03330 433966 (please dial the whole number); information relating to medical history and condition will be requested during the telephone call which will be input to an on-line database. The information is triaged (assessed) within 24 hours and information/advice/exercises are sent via post in the first instance. Patients will be contacted by telephone or post within one week and provided with an appointment date.

PLEASE NOTE: The telephone service is often extremely busy while we help as many patients as possible throughout the day. If the line is engaged please try again when convenient for you or leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.  Thank you.

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