Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting

​Account logins

  • 'I am getting an error saying my email account is already in use when registering'

This means you have already registered an account with us. Use the 'forgot my password' link below the login box to reset your account. Please note: an email address can only be linked to one account for security and data protection reasons. 

  • My account is 'locked out'

To unlock your account please use the password reset function to unlock the account and generate a link to set a new password. This will be emailed to the account holders email address. 

  • 'I am trying to login but my account is no longer recognised'

The self-referral portal retains your information for one year following your last login, after which time your account is removed from our database as all your information will have been transferred to your full medical record. If this has happened please generate a new account using the 'register' button. This helps us make sure we have the most up to date information about you. 

  • I am trying to register my account but it keeps taking me to the top of the form

This happens when a field is missing or incorrect. This is most frequent when your password is missing one of the vital components of the password. These passwords need to meet the following requirements to keep your data safe. The password needs 6 or more characters in total, including at least 1 upper case (capital) letter, 1 number and 1 special character (e.g. !,?,£, etc).

GP practices

  • 'I can't find my GP practice' or 'My GP does not seem to be listed'

You may not find your GP practice if you are searching for it under the wrong organisation. The self-referral portal is used by multiple organisations and as such you need to ensure you are accessing the correct service. To find the correct service please go to and use the search function by typing the name of your GP surgery, this will then advise you of the correct service to refer to. 


  • 'When I go to start my referral it won't let me select the service I want to refer to'

Some services are only available to people over a certain age. The minimum age for a referral will be displayed next to the service offered before starting a referral. Please check your date of birth if you think you should be eligible to complete a referral. 

Should you continue to have ongoing issues that have not been answered by the questions above please contact us via including your name, date of birth, contact number and a description of the issues you are experiencing with any screenshots possible so we can assist you further. 

How To Complete Your Self Referral

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