Exercise classes

High Level & Advanced Rehabilitation Class

20 minutes

Repeat 4 times a week

These sessions are aimed at more advanced and experienced exercisers. We aim to provide patients with who already exercise the skills and awareness to look at what they are doing and where things can be modified. We often find that patients can get by on natural physical capacity but at some point may push too far. This can be due to a lifestyle change, reduced sleep, time restrictions or stress levels. There are a number of other factors but essentially, we can all over work our capacity and need to sometimes reassess what we are able to do and how we do things.

The content of these sessions looks at how exercise and programming can be used to adapt current levels of physical activity to promote the best outcome. For example, reducing the number of sport sessions to allow time for a strength and conditioning work out. We will provide overviews of this and lifestyle changes that can positively effect recovery and performance and keep you moving and enjoying activity for as long as possible and in the most beneficial way.

Exercises in the class