Social Enterprise Mark

Allied Health Professionals Suffolk is a certified social enterprise with the Social Enterprise Mark. This means Allied Health Professionals Suffolk has proved it is a bona fide, genuine organisation against a range of independently-assessed criteria for social enterprise. The Mark provides assurance that profits/surpluses are used to improve the lives of the health of the people of Suffolk, acting as a guarantee that Allied Health Professionals Suffolk is trading for people and planet. Working with Allied Health Professionals Suffolk means more people get the help they need and quick, skilled therapy close to their homes and employment. For more information about social enterprises visit the website www​.socialenterprisemark​.org​.uk

Allied Health Professionals Physiotherapist working with a patient

We know about your body

We are experts in musculoskeletal and pelvic health physiotherapy, providing specialist assessments, management and self-management to our communities, helping them to return to optimal health and stay healthy.

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