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Most musculoskeletal problems can be self-managed without help from a healthcare professional.

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We provide physiotherapy services for patients on behalf of the NHS.

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We are experts in musculoskeletal and pelvic health physiotherapy, providing specialist assessments, management and self-management to our communities, helping them to return to optimal health and stay healthy.

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I saw Mike the physio in January 23. I referred myself to AHPS with an ongoing shoulder injury and wanted to be referred to my shoulder surgeon who operated on my shoulder in 2017 after a bike accident. I had seen numerous private physios who had prescribed the same old exercises but were not making any difference and was in a lot of pain. Mike suggested that I should have an X-ray believing that there was something else going on in the shoulder and said that a X-ray would highlight it. I had my X-ray a month later, got the results that day from my GP saying there had been significant deterioration, that the shoulder was severely arthritic and I was referred back to the consultant. Mike also called me as soon as he saw the results too. Yesterday I had a shoulder replacement only having to wait 6 months! Amazing service and thanks to Mike’s diligence and perception. I wanted to pass on my sincere thanks to him, had he not made that call/suggestion I would be that bit poorer now from paying physios and still in a lot of pain! I certainly cannot knock AHPS' or the NHS' incredible service.

Self help guides

Most musculoskeletal problems can be self managed without interventions from a clinician. Much like a cold or a headache, it is useful to have a go trying to manage things yourself before considering seeing your physiotherapist or doctor.

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