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For back conditions we recommend trying some self help techniques and reading information on your condition before contacting a expert, most conditions can be relieved by a few simple actions.

Low back pain is very common and very normal.

It is very much like the common cold, or a headache. There are lots of different factors that contribute to low back pain that can involve physical aspects, lifestyle aspects and mental aspects. For example, if we are a bit stressed, a bit run down, not sleeping well and not exercising enough but spending long periods sitting or bending and lifting then we can develop back pain.

The best approaches for helping low back pain often contrast with the thoughts of the general public, so hopefully this page will help debunk some of those myths and get you on the road to improving your symptoms.


Common back pain myths (download)

Acute back pain guide (download)

Persistent back pain guide (download)

Cauda equina warning signs (download) 

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Have you tried self help relief and need extra help?

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