Back Conditions

What do we know?

  • Back pain is very common and normally gets better over a few days or weeks.
  • Although the pain may last longer than a few weeks, or may come and go, this does not mean your back problem is serious
  • Back pain is rarely due to serious disease or damage
  • Your spine is one of the strongest parts of your body and is surprisingly difficult to damage
  • It responds as any other joint would, think ankle sprain. We worry because we can’t see it like we can see an ankle though.
  • The amount of pain felt is not related to the amount of damage – think of a paper cut
  • Scans correlate poorly with symptoms. Most people without low back pain have changes on scans and x-rays which do not cause any pain at all
  • With the right information, support and treatment, most people can manage their own back pain
  • Maintaining and then gradually increasing your daily activity can help you to recover sooner. Return to movement and work as soon as possible improves recovery
  • Exercise is the best treatment. And long term getting strong is key
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