Exercise classes

Stenosis Class

30 minutes

Repeat 2 times a week


·        Leg pain and weakness in the legs, may also have numbness or pins and needles in the legs

·        Can be one leg or both

·        Symptoms worse with prolonged walking or standing

·        Symptoms usually relieved by sitting or bending forwards


  • Activity modification and pacing
  • Ice or heat
  • Pain relief- in discussion with GP
  • Physiotherapy including range of movement exercises and a graded strengthening programme


The Stenosis class consists of a range of exercises which have been selected specifically to aid with the management of your symptoms. These exercises can be replicated in a home setting, you do not have to use specific gym equipment, and using items found around the house will work just as well.

Please watch the videos before you attempt the exercises yourself, this is so you can gain an understanding of how to perform each exercise safely and with the correct technique. Once you feel ready to begin check that you have a safe space to work in and you are wearing the correct clothing and supportive footwear.

·        Complete as a circuit, you can do the exercises in any order you prefer

·        Set a timer for each exercise for a duration of 2 minutes

·        Once the first round is complete rest for around 2-5 minutes and repeat if you feel able to

·        Aim to complete 3-4 times per week, you may find as the weeks go by you are able to add some load to the exercise, perhaps increase the time or add an additional round. Try and keep a note of any progressions that you make.

Remember – you can stop exercising at any point if needed, start gradual and progress only when you feel ready to.

Exercises in the class