Neck Conditions

Types of Neck Condition

Types of Pain

Cervicogenic Headaches

Headaches can sometimes be caused by a problem with the neck, these are called Cervicogenic headaches. This can be disc related or soft tissue. This type of headache is usually, but not always accompanied by neck pain.

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Muscular Neck Conditions

Many muscles attach to the neck and provide support to the head as well as enabling us to move in a variety of directions. Pain is often felt in the trapezius muscles, particularly the upper fibres which run from the base of the head and across to the shoulder.

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Generally seen in those aged over 65 years as part of the normal aging process. However the signs of normal ageing do not predict the presence of symptoms.

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Neck Nerve Conditions

Nerves run from the brain throughout the body, cervical nerve roots names C1-C8 exit the level above the vertebrae named in the neck, except the last one (C8 exits below the C7 vertebra). These cervical nerves then branch out to supply muscles that enable functioning of the shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers. They also carry sensory fibres to the skin that provide us with sensation.

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