Post-COVID 19 Rehabilitation and Support

This section is intended as an online guide to help patients who have suffered from COVID-19 and who are now on their way to recovery. Patients can experience a wide range of symptoms and levels of illness following COIVID 19 infection. This content provides graded levels of exercise-based rehabilitation work so that a patient can build up from whichever level they are at. Each section is designed to be followed and built upon and included advice and guidance on how to do this. As more evidence becomes available, we will be adding to this content.


By reading this I understand that the information and resources within this website are for the purposes of supporting patients who have had contact with a qualified medical professional. We do not recommend that anyone undertakes a new physically demanding routine without consultation from a qualified individual or organisation. Exercising comes with an element of risk due to the increased demands on the body. This can result in more pain and discomfort such as sore and aching muscles. Heart rate and blood pressure can also increase as well as the demands and effectiveness of medications. This is generally a positive part of exercise and if performed correctly can lead to many benefits. If you have any concerns about your suitability to perform exercise and the content within this website, you should seek qualified medical advice before commencing.

How hard should I be working?

A common method to assess and monitor work level is the Rate of Perceived Exertion Scale (RPE). There are many versions of this available and for our purposes we are using a very simplified version. You should always work to a level that feels comfortable to you. Please also be aware that fatigue is not always immediate and it may take time for you to feel the effects of too much exercise. For example, you may feel fine during and immediately after, but feel very sore the next day. Care should be taken to slowly build up tolerance levels. Guidance is provided throughout the exercise plans.

The Rate or Perceived Exertion Scale (RPE)

We will be using the below scale but essentially it is a personal guide that you need to be honest with yourself to use correctly. If you feel things are too easy and do not make them harder, you will stay where you are at. If you feel things are too hard, you are less likely to continue. How often and how quickly you increase is up to you and is relative to each person. Think of this scale simply as 1/10 is the easiest and 10/10 is the hardest.

RPE Scale:

Think to yourself “how much do I feel challenged?” or “how hard does this feel?”

0-Nothing at all,

1 -Very light,

2 -Light,

3 - Moderate,

4 - Somewhat Heavy,

5 - Heavy,

6 - Very Heavy

7-,8-,9 - Very, Very Heavy

10 - Too heavy

Bed & Floor Based Exercises

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